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Our language lessons for children are fun sessions in clubs in primary and independent schools. There’s Explorers (reception – year 2) for the younger ones. And Pathfinders (year 3 – 6), which prepares the older ones for secondary school.*

Everything in a Speak Like A Native language club is about building foundations and confidence in Spanish, French, German or Mandarin. Your child will spend time focusing on speaking and listening and will learn through participation in games, tasks and activities. And they’ll do all this while laughing and having fun.

Language lessons for children - Spanish, French, German and Mandarin - in Speak Like A Native’s language clubs.
Language lessons for children have to be fun!

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Find your child’s school below and click on the link for details of the clubs on offer there and a booking form.

If your child’s school does not have a Speak Like A Native language club yet, please use the form below.

We will contact the school in order to open a fun club in Spanish, French, German or Mandarin.

*Note: in some schools Explorers are Reception to Year 2 and in others it’s Year 1 to 3.