About Us

Our Story

Husband and wife founders, Stuart Rubenstein and Greta Grinfeld have worked in every part of the “language industry” over the last 30 years. They’ve won awards for innovation, run and owned language schools, taught people of all ages from over 40 different countries, designed unique courses and broken the language learning rules for over 50,000 students.  They’ve been through dozens of quality inspections and built up a wealth of experience about how people learn languages. Speak Like A Native is the result of all this experience.

They’re also bringing up two bilingual children (English and Spanish) – without homework, lists of vocabulary or formal lessons.

Our Mission

We want to reach every primary school in the UK so that all children have the opportunity to be immersed in and practise a foreign language for an hour a day.

Our Manifesto

As parents we want to equip our children with skills that will last them a lifetime, ones that will help them thrive and prosper as they grow up and once they’re grown up. Like the ability to skip effortlessly from one language to another and to speak both like a native. Why? Because there’s never been a more important time to speak another language. And there’s no better time to learn than as a child, when mastering French, German, Spanish or Mandarin is quite literally child’s play.

Two languages, three reasons

There’s language ‘the cultural treasure’. What could be better than giving your child the lifelong joy that comes from speaking another tongue?

There’s language ‘the educational springboard’. More and more research confirms the developmental benefits of learning to speak another language as a child. Bilingual children have more grey matter, superior verbal and non-verbal skills, and more self-confidence.

And there’s language ‘the career enhancer’. English may have been the universal language of business once but not any more. Another language is an investment in your child’s future career prospects and earning power.

Two languages, one way

At Speak Like A Native we’re convinced that there’s only one way to learn a language properly. So you won’t hear any mention of classes, or text books, and definitely no past participles. Instead each week your child learns a language by living it. To your kids this will feel like fun (learning should always be fun!), and to the casual observer it might look unplanned. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

And here’s the genius part. We know this way works. After all, how else would 7 billion people learn to speak a language in the first place?

 Next Steps…

We’re ready to set up a language club in your school. Just get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.