Useful Information

This information is for all parents and carers with children in a Speak Like A Native language club. If you’re in doubt about anything, please contact us directly and we will help.

Contact All general enquiries to
Pick up Where Speak Like A Native is responsible for handing over children to parents / carers after the club, you will be asked to give details of those who are authorised to collect. If these details change on any particular day, you must email or call Speak Like A Native and give the name of child, school and name and phone number of the person collecting. Without this information we are obliged to keep the child in our care and / or contact social services. Please also be sure to collect your child on time. We charge £10 per child after the first five minutes for any late pick ups.
Drop off If your child is attending a Speak Like A Native breakfast / before school club please drop them off on time. It affects the session if children arrive at different times.
Snacks If your child is in a club where snacks are allowed, please provide them with something suitable. We incorporate the snack into the session as a natural way to learn language. Children are not allowed to share with others and there is a strict “no nuts” policy. Unfortunately, Speak Like A Native cannot provide food for those who do not come with a snack.
Payment / fees Unless your child is at a school which handles the bookings for clubs in-house, you will receive an invoice from our accounts department, which must be paid in full before the first session. Fees may differ from school to school depending on the particular agreement they expect as host.

In some cases, it is possible to pay in instalments.

For all enquiries please contact

Refunds / cancellation Fees are payable for a whole term and are non-refundable. We offer a 100% guarantee refund if your child is not happy for any reason in the first session. You must contact us in writing before the second session for this guarantee.
Right to refuse admission We reserve the right to refuse admission in the following situations i) fees have not been paid in full ii) disruptive behaviour of any sort that prevents the other children from enjoying or taking part in the sessions.
Missed sessions There are no refunds if your child misses a session for any reason (e.g. illness, holiday etc).

If Speak Like A Native has to cancel a session, we will aim to make up the time during the term and inform you of all details. If we are unable to do this then you will be offered to choose credit for the following term or a refund for the missed session.

Complaints / comments We welcome comments and suggestions and react promptly to complaints. Please address these to and be sure to include the name of child, school and full details of complaint / comment.
Reports We send parents a review at the end of each term, detailing the tasks, activities and games we have covered. We include general comments from the Language Guides but not individual or personal progress reports. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your child though.