Terms and Conditions

Please note – these are the Speak Like A Native (SLAN) Terms and Conditions for our language clubs at host institutions (e.g. schools). In some instances, the host institution requires different Terms and Conditions to suit their specific operation. Please contact SLAN if you have any questions.

  1. SLAN employs Language Guides to run the clubs, who will have Enhanced DBS and Level 2 Safeguarding for Children.
  2. Where our minimum numbers for a club are not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the club at the start of the term and refund in full.
  3. Our clubs are divided by age into Explorers and Pathfinders, in some cases where minimum numbers are not met in the clubs, we will join the two groups together.
  4. Admission to the club can only be given to children that are on the club register (e.g. booked through the SLAN website or through the school office) and whose parents/carers have completed the payment.
  5. Language Guides are happy to briefly chat with parents and carers at collection time but we advise that any requests or communication should be directly through the main office at SLAN.
  6. Any complaints should be sent in writing to help@speaklikeanative.com stating the nature of the complaint, name of child and name of school. We will then get back to you within 24 hours during normal working hours.
  7. Photos and videos of children during language clubs will be regularly taken and used for SLAN marketing on our website, in publicity and social media. Should you wish for your child not to be photographed, please send the request to help@speaklikeanative.com and we will ensure this happens.
  8. All children are expected to behave in a polite and friendly manner to each other, Language Guides and anyone they come across during the time of the club. This includes any form of bullying, racism, sexism or other form of aggression that upsets others. In any instance of the above (or other related behaviour), we will issue a warning to the parents / carers and alert the school. If this continues after the first warning, we will ask for the child to be removed from the club and there will be no refund.
  9. Please inform us in advance of any SEN details that we should be aware of concerning your children. We will assess each case individually to let you know if we can accept your child in the club. Unlike the regular school day, we do not have Teaching Assistants and may not be able to give the time or attention required.
  10. Please inform us (via booking form) of any health needs that we need to be aware of. You are welcome to contact us directly to discuss these so that we are aware and prepared.
  11. Collection time is always clearly stated and our policy is only to release children to named people. Inform us on the day if there is someone else picking up your child or if they have permission to leave on their own. We charge £10 per child after the first five minutes for any late pick ups.
  12. If your child is not happy for any reason after the first and before the second session then please contact us as soon as possible. We don’t want to put anyone off languages and will refund any fees if they choose to stop at this stage. Otherwise, payment is for the whole term and there are no refunds at any time during this period.
  13. Occasionally, dates and times may be altered to fit in with the needs of the school (e.g. school plays, sport’s day etc). You will be notified in advance and if it requires cancelling a club then you will be offered a refund or credit.
  14. If the SLAN Language Guide is held up or unable to attend due to a last minute unforeseen incident, we will contact you and arrange care with the school at no extra cost to you.
  15. Please review SLAN’s Policies and Procedures

In any case, we welcome your comments and advice and assure you we will deal with complaints fairly and openly.