St James and St John Primary School

Welcome to the Spanish club for the spring term at St James and St John.

Our clubs are divided by school year into Explorers (Reception – Year 2) and Pathfinders (Year 3 – 6).

Explorers is all about fun and nothing but fun. It’s the chance for children to develop confidence and recognise that they can enjoy themselves even if they’re being spoken to in another language. It’s perfect for building the foundations that will help them as they develop.

Pathfinders is also fun but with the added benefit of preparing for secondary school. Many children go on to their new school and shy away from a new language because there’s so much to cope with in Year 7. We want them to be one step ahead and ready for this challenge.  For this reason we look at the secondary schools in your catchment area and offer Pathfinder clubs that will help your children.

  • Spanish
  • Explorers and Pathfinders
  • Fridays
  • 1530 – 1630
  • Please complete the booking form below and we will send you an invoice for payment