Spanish for Children

Spanish for children

According to the latest British Council report on language trends, Spanish is the number one language for children to be learning today.  When we talk about Spanish for children, we do not mean memorising lists of vocabulary. The early stages are all about confidence, familiarity and discovery. In other words, Spanish for children is all about playing, discovering and having fun in Spanish

We visit primary schools all the time and speak to heads, staff, children and parents. Everyone wants more time devoted to languages. And the majority tell us that Spanish is their first choice.

The obvious reason is that Spanish is so useful for visiting Spain and all those wonderful countries in Latin America. It’s also the most widely spoken first language in the world. Spanish for children is really an opportunity for life. They will be able to use this skill to study, travel, work or live in over 20 countries.

Spanish for children with Speak Like A Native's language clubs
Spanish for children – all smiles and confidence

Spanish also has many words that are familiar to English speakers and just need a bit of tweaking with the pronunciation. Think of words like actor, doctor, hospital and club. They’re the same in both languages and there are hundreds of other words like this, which really helps children at the beginning to discover that a foreign language is also familiar and recognisable.

Spanish for children…. for your children

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Spanish for children –  two great tips

  • Look for their favourite tv programme on Youtube in Spanish. Most are there and it’s fun for them just to watch and understand what they can.
  • Find a recipe in Spanish for your child’s favourite meal. And cook it together (even if you don’t speak Spanish!). The fun is working out what the words mean and then… eating.