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Ready for your next Ofsted Inspection?

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Intent, Implementation, Impact – the three Ofsted “I”s – are you ready?

Ofsted is very clear that MFL should no longer sit outside the curriculum, squeezed by the demands of numeracy and literacy. The new inspection (from September 2019), stresses how MFL shouldn’t be about memorising disconnected facts but about a child’s learning journey. The key words are INTENT (the school’s agreed plan for the journey), IMPLEMENTATION (how the school takes INTENT and puts it into practice) and IMPACT (the immediate and long-term effect on the children).

Why has Ofsted changed the way it is looking at MFL?

French for children should always be fun. It's about building confidence and foundations that last a lifetime.
Ofsted would like to see MFL at KS1
  • A lack of subject expertise across the board
  • Evidence of lack of confidence in those responsible for MFL teaching
  • MFL dropped in Year 6 (often due to SATS)
  • Curriculum too focused on literacy and numeracy
  • Curriculum too focused on assessment and qualifications
  • Evidence of lack of training / CPD for teachers involved in MFL
  • Lack of transition planning from primary to secondary school

  • Supporting children’s needs (MFL) rather than narrowing of curriculum
  • Evidence that MFL is integral
  • Evidence of how MFL is taught and planned
  • Ways of showing how children are able to remember what they are taught
  • Ways teachers can show subject knowledge and expertise

What is Ofsted looking for?

Children learn Spanish with Speak Like A Native clubs.
French and Spanish are the most popular languages

What can you expect from the new inspection?

Do you have a Language Journey planned?

  • Senior leaders to be interviewed about MFL provision
  • MFL coordinators, subject leaders, teachers to be interviewed about MFL provision
  • Lesson observations (if taking place on day of inspection)
  • Scrutiny of books in relation to curriculum
  • Children to be interviewed by inspectors on MFL
  • Checking pronunciation of MFL teachers and how this relates to what children are learning
  • Looking at progression through the school years

Here’s how we can help you

Primary school children

At Speak Like A Native, we are working with 50+ primary schools, delivering MFL support and services. There’s so much we can do to help (all within budget – we do appreciate the funding constraints of schools), and we do this because we are obsessed with MFL and equipping children for the future.

  • We will produce a report to show that will be the start of your Children’s Language Journey and ready to present to Ofsted
  • We can then help your school design an INTENT plan that is unique to your school and the needs of your children
  • IMPLEMENTATION of the INTENT plan then follows
  • We can also support your MFL teachers at all levels of expertise
  • We will be happy to work with you to equip today’s children for the future by becoming lifelong language learners

Complete this form to book your MFL Ofsted Report

  • The report requires feedback from school leaders, MFL subject leaders and teachers, governors, parents and children
  • We will visit your school to conduct face-to-face interviews
  • You will receive the report seven working days after we visit the school
  • The report will contain recommendations unique to your school for INTENT, IMPLEMENTATION and IMPACT
  • The report is designed to meet with Ofsted expectations
  • You will then have the opportunity to discuss the support you need going forward
  • Total cost £595

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