French for children

French for children

French is still in the top 5 recommended languages for children to learn, according to this British Council report .  And that’s great news!  When we talk about French for children, we don’t mean learning grammar rules. At primary school, it should all be about building foundations for the future. And this means playing, laughing and exploring in French.

Thinking of reasons for your child to learn French is easy. Of course, it’s a beautiful, romantic language that opens the door to so much culture. And France is a country that can offer so many opportunities to our children in the future. With confidence in French, your children could choose to travel, work, study or live in France.

French for children should always be fun. It's about building confidence and foundations that last a lifetime.
French for children – making languages fun

French also has many words that are familiar to English speakers and just need a bit of tweaking with the pronunciation. Recognising that they already know lots of French words is a great start!

How about informationattention, and action? Or tableadorable and comfortable

French for children…. for your children

If your child’s school has a Speak Like A Native club then BOOK NOW.

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French for children –  two great tips

  • Look for their favourite tv programme on Youtube in French. Most are there and it’s fun for them just to watch and understand what they can.
  • Find a recipe in French for your child’s favourite meal. And cook it together (even if you don’t speak French!). The fun is working out what the words mean and then… eating.