Frequently Asked Questions – Speak Like A Native – Language Clubs

We try and answer all your questions here about our Spanish, French, German and Mandarin language clubs. The best thing to do is contact us if there is still something you want to ask.

Do you have a syllabus?

We work from the Speak Like A Native Session Bank and Language Guide’s manual. This outlines the weekly activities along with topics to cover and target language that may be covered. However, there are no lists of vocabulary to learn or revise and the focus is always on speaking and listening skills.

Why don’t you just “teach” the language?

There are many approaches to teaching language and not one that is guaranteed or works for everyone. The Speak Like A Native method is about building coping strategies in young learners so that language learning is seen as a means to end rather than an academic subject in itself. In other words, we want children to see what they can do with the language as the prime motivator. This is why we engage them in meaningful tasks, games and activities when the target language is part of the exercise.

How do I know what my child is learning or if she is making progress?

As we focus (particularly with the Explorers) or building confidence, getting used to the sounds of a foreign language and developing coping strategies to get by when not everything is understood, it is not always easy for parents to recognise progress or see immediate change. Measuring confidence is not easy. Learning lists of vocabulary is the traditional way round this but most research shows that this is good for short term memory but not a lot else. We’re always happy to support you with updates on your child’s progress and how engaged she is in the sessions. We also update regularly each school’s page on this site with details on what they’ve been doing in club sessions.

What if my child isn’t good at learning languages?

Speak Like A Native is a natural method so if your child is managing with their first language then they’ll be fine with a second one.

What age is best to start?

The simple answer is, the younger the better but it’s never too late.

Who are your teachers?

We call them Language Guides –  all have mastery of the language they are helping your kids with, are  DBS checked and are committed to getting your children to Speak Like A Native. All our Language Guides also hold a Level 2 Safeguarding certificate and undergo Speak Like A Native training.

What are your policies, procedures and terms and conditions?

All our policies and procedures, which are regularly updated, can be found here and our terms and conditions here.

If you have a less frequently asked question then we’d love to hear it!