We are looking forward to opening our first Spanish language clubs at Branfil Primary School in January. Everything we do is fun (it’s a club!) so that your children have a great time and get used to participating in games, tasks and activities in Spanish. This is the natural way of learning a language and mirrors how we all acquire our mother tongue.

Booking form below or leave your details at the school office.

Our clubs are divided by school year into Explorers (Year 1 – Year 3) and Pathfinders (Year 4 – 6).

Our clubs help your children

  • build confidence
  • develop a love for languages
  • unlock their potential


  • Spanish (all levels from complete beginners welcome)
  • Explorers and Pathfinders
  • Mondays
  • 1515 – 1615
  • 14 Jan – 25 Mar
  • 10 weeks (not including half term)
  • Please complete the booking form below and then we will send you an invoice for payment.
  • Contact us with any questions