Language clubs – the fun way to build for the future

Language clubs are where children in the UK can develop the number one skill for life.

Every report stresses the importance of being multilingual and we must recognise this in order to prepare our children for the future. That’s why each primary school should offer a range of language clubs.

Learning languages takes time and starting early is really important. Now is the time to build the foundations and let them develop a love for languages. It will make a difference.

Speak Like A Native’s language clubs equip UK primary school children with skills in Spanish, French, German and Mandarin. Languages, children and fun go together and that’s how we build the foundations that last a lifetime.

Language games for children
Spanish, French, German or Mandarin for children is all about play

Why languages?

As parents we want to equip our children with skills that will last them a lifetime.  Like the ability to skip effortlessly from one language to another and to speak both like a native. Why? Because there’s never been a more important time to speak another language. And there’s no better time to learn languages than as a child, when discovering French, German, Spanish or Mandarin is quite literally child’s play.

Primary school  is the best time to expose children to new languages. Without fear they become language problem solvers, getting used to new sounds and words as they play.

Being multilingual is a passport to opportunity. Equip your children now so that they can let their talents take them wherever they want to go to work, study, live and travel when they are older.

Children wearing flags of the languages they're learning: Spanish, English, French.
Building confidence in languages.

Explorers and Pathfinders Language Clubs for Primary Schools

Developed by our prize-winning team and described in The Times as a “psychological shift in language learning,” Speak Like A Native is all about the fun children can have at KS1 and KS2 with Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.

Children feel comfortable with our method, which reflects the natural way we all learn our first language and lets them build the foundations that will help in secondary school and benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Language clubs open to all primary school children from reception to year 6.
Language clubs from Reception to Year 6.

We start by building the confidence they’ll need to survive and get by in a foreign language and then progress from there.

As they work on these problem solving skills, the first benefit is their immediate educational development. This leads on to being prepared for secondary school and then a lifetime reaping the rewards of being multilingual. It has to start somewhere and it does take time!

Games, tasks and activities in Speak Like A Native language clubs.
Language clubs that tap into the energy and enthusiasm of children.

SLAN 360 – everything a primary school needs

  • Language clubs
  • Language Health Check
  • 12-month all-school programme
  • PPA cover
  • Enrichment provision
  • Workshops
  • Cultural / language trips

Working with us helps your school develop in so many ways and takes into consideration stakeholders including parents, PTA, staff, governors and Ofsted. And, of course, everything we do benefits the children.

More about SLAN 360 and how we can help your school

As citizens of the world, the pupils at Frith Manor School want to communicate in languages other than English.  Speak Like a Native promotes the love and joy of languages … as opposed to rote learning stock words and phrases! 

Leigh Carmichael, Head Teacher, Frith Manor Primary School

The world is open to language learners.
Start your children on the language journey now.

My son did two terms of Speak Like A Native in his last year at primary school and now has a lot more confidence that language learning is nothing to be feared. My daughter also began classes earlier this year and she loves it! Just signed her up for another term. It’s great to see how she’s trying to use the new words each week.

Maria Pecoff, parent – London