Speak Like A Native

As citizens of the world the pupils at Firth Manor School want to communicate in languages other than English.  Speak Like a Native promotes the love and joy of languages … as opposed to rote learning stock words and phrases!”
Leigh Carmichael, Headteacher, Frith Manor Primary School, London.


Speak Like A Native run language clubs in primary and prep schools in the UK and home language clubs for children of all ages. Using our unique “guided language participation” method, children spend each session engaged in fun and meaningful tasks, games and activities rather than being taught how the language works. This natural approach mirrors the way we all learn our first language(s), which means that it makes sense to every child. This is how we build the foundations and give children the chance to fall in love with language learning.

Speak Like A Native schools

  •  Frith Manor Primary School
  • Gospel Oak Primary School
  • UCS Pre-Prep
  • St Anthony’s School for Girls
  • Firs Farm Primary School
  • Ivy Chimneys Primary School
  • Muswell Hill Primary School
  • St James and St John

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Whether you choose Spanish, German, French or Mandarin, the Speak Like A Native method works in the same way for all children and all languages. Our Language Guides are like language parents – constantly talking, supporting and giving instructions all in the target language. As the children develop the skill of understanding they feel more comfortable producing the language without stress or frustration. This helps them develop as self-confident problem solvers.

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What Parents Say

“Our daughters have enjoyed their first term with Speak Like A Native. The sessions are really good fun and interactive, so it doesn’t feel like learning to them. We are impressed with how much Spanish they have learned, and they are very excited about returning.”
Derick Deysel – two daughters in Speak Like A Native Spanish Club

“My son did two terms of Speak Like A Native in his last year at primary school and now has a lot more confidence that language learning is nothing to be feared. My daughter also began classes earlier this year and she loves it! Just signed her up for another term. It’s great to see how she’s trying to use the new words each week.”
Maria Pecoff – London

“Archie has discovered through Speak Like A Native that language learning is something fun and not about lists of words. We’re looking forward to seeing where this positive attitude takes him.”
Lucy Rowe, Frith Manor School, London


Why Should Your Children Learn A Language?

We all want the best for our children – to help them as they go through the challenging years of school education and to equip them with all they’ll need as young adults.

Language learning develops decoding skills that cross over into verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as building the kind of confidence that relishes problem solving.  This helps with SATS, 11+, Common Entrance or just giving a boost to your child’s learning potential.

And as they grow up they will need to be flexible and creative in a world where jobs and lifestyles might be quite different from today. Employers always look for those who can display communication skills and languages are the best example of this. But more than anything, we all hope that our children will be able to work, study, travel and live wherever their talents and dreams take them.

Find out more and read some reports on why children should be multilingual here.

A Speak Like A Native Club For Your Children

We’re ready to come to your primary or prep school and set up a language club. We work closely with the school staff and the PTA so that everything fits in with the values of the school and expectations of the parents. If you want us to do this in your children’s school then get in touch here.

And if you want us to set up a Speak Like A Native club for the weekends and holidays with your children and some friends, classmates, family or neighbours then we can do that too. Let us know what you want here.

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